We strongly value multidisciplinary work, natural motivation and a strong portfolio. Degrees are welcome but not required and we're way more interested in what you create in your own spare time. We're obsessed with getting every detail right and cast aside our egos to put our work first — you should do the same.

Full-Stack Web Engineer

Work together with us to build delightful, functional and scalable digital products, both for clients and in-house projects.

Experience with functional programming and other techniques for minimising complexity is a plus.

  • Proficiency in Javascript/Node.js
  • Experience with MySQL or similar
  • An understanding of patterns such as MVC
  • Good knowledge of Git and version control
Brand & UI Designer

Create beautiful interfaces and evocative brands, bringing companies to life by placing them in the minds and hearts of customers.

Applications for design positions require a strong portfolio of previous work.

  • Experience with raster graphics (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Experience with vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Strong sense of branding and business identity
  • Progressive design abilities
  • Drawing skills
Digital Marketing Specialist

It's well understood that no business can function without communicating with its customers in an honest and consistent way.

We're searching for talented people willing to improve to push further the products we're building for our customers.

  • Experience in creating & maintaining online campaigns.
  • Experience Google Adwords or other advertising networks
  • Experience with Facebook Advertising & Ads Manager
  • Strong understanding of marketing analytics
  • Basic SEO/SEM knowledge
  • Google Certification is a plus