Home Improvement in Bucharest

In 2016, Phyramid was approached by the energy company Engie in order to build an intrapreneurial initiative to offer the Romanian market high-quality home services. Lack of professionalism used to define Romania's home services market, and together we changed that.


2016 - 2018


Home Improvement Services

2 weeks for a minimum viable product

Critical to the success of the project was a validation of the idea. Based on the minimum viable product, we were able to get new jobs rolling in, as well as being able to plan for marketing.

We praise the approach in which we get something out there as quick as possible, as this helps validate all the assumptions made during the inception of a project.

From CMS to ERP

The platform incorporates not only powerful reporting using industry-standard tools, but also implements third-party solutions for financial processes and a full-blown CRM using Odoo, an incredibly scalable open-source ERP.


Our team worked closely with payment providers and ERP software suppliers in order to create a series of integrations that offer a solid consolidation between data sources.

We were able not only to ensure that we do not re-invent the wheel, and let the right people do the right job, but also delight users with platforms that they're already familiar with.

The platform is a success with over 600 orders placed after launch and becoming the main platform in the Home Services Industry in Romania. Currently with thousands of jobs and hundreds of happy professionals we're able to say that Ajusto is a project close to our hearts.