Phyramid is a holistic digital agency, versed in programming, web development and design. We build our products with passion, and can help build yours too.


Having been developing and designing websites for more than 8 years, we've seen multiple trends come and go. Our digital agency has solid knowledge and extensive experience when it comes to web development.


Good design brings your brand to life by defining its visual language. As an agency, we do not limit ourselves to any particular development medium, as everything from the digital world to stationery must be considered for effective brand communication.


We are happy that our agency offers consultancy in building and implementing succesful online marketing campaigns. Market research and customer identification will be done by collaborating with you and your team to accurately reflect your brand.

some of our works

Modern surgeries

OrthoExtend is an online aggregator for Romanian orthodontic surgeries. It serves three types of users: patients, doctors and surgery owners. OrthoExtend offers an easy way for patients to find the surgery best suited to their needs.